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Rebels for Peace in Schools

Transformative conversations meets evidence based SEL-curriculum.


The Rebels for peace leadership team delivers state of the art resilience and mindset classes to youth in elementary school.
We use a mixture of fun, activities, and evidence-based Social Emotional curriculums to create an engaging learning experience that ensures impactful and lasting change.

Why we created this program

Growing up, we had a lot of people give us advice or tell us what to do, but not show us our own choices, our own minds, and our own potential. And now we see younger kids haven it even harder than we did – we see an increase in mental health issues, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, stress, overwhelm, and more.

We want to be a relatable long-term source of inspiration for the youth to see for themselves how to deal with those things. Diagnosing kids or labeling is not the solution, we have to show them their true inner health, resilience, and potential. We’ve spent the last years working with children in and out of school, developing youth leaders, and have seen great results. This is not your standard SEL program or just youth mentoring, this is long-term sustainable change. After seeing what’s possible for ourselves, and the children we work with, we want to do even more. Will you join us?


Showing options instead of telling kids what to do

Why we work youth to youth

Why we work youth to youth

Why we work youth to youth

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