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Thankful Thursday

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

This Thursday, we reflected on our journey thus far with Rebels for Peace and its impact on our way of life and state of mind. Though we are only 8 days into the internship, we have all learned, grown, and changed more than any of us expected--which is why we are dedicating this day to say thank you.

Thank you Rebels for Peace for opening my eyes to see a better world. Before you, I spent all my time worrying about the future. I had the idea that I needed to have everything ‘figured out’ by a particular deadline; I became so wrapped up into this idea that my mentality filled with nothing but anxiety and doubt. As a 21-year-old preparing to graduate from college, this debilitating thought system was preventing me from seeing my own potential. Finding Rebels for Peace was a stroke of luck, as it has given me the knowledge to be present and in control of my own life. Now, I am aware of my capability. I am capable of seeing damaging thoughts as changeable thoughts, I am capable of seeing negative emotions as temporary emotions, and I am capable of seeing problems as solutions.

A few words from the rebels...

“I am thankful to be a Rebel for Peace because it has allowed me to change my thought process to have more confidence in myself and my ideas. I feel incredibly supported and excited to share my story, and many others, with the world.” -Maggie Rivas

“Even though it has only been 8 days on the Rebels for Peace internship, I have already seen so much growth. There has been growth in our teams’ projects, in our team dynamics, and in our self-awareness and introspective understanding. We have unpacked what the value of a thought is and how it applies to our lives. I am thankful for the personal growth that Rebels for Peace has gone through with me. Eirik and Mara have been completely open and understanding, allowing me to use them as a resource to grow mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and professionally. I am very thankful to be apart of Rebels for Peace.” -Cambria Khayat

“I appreciate Rebels for Peace for not being judgemental towards others’ experiences. For understanding that everyone faces struggles. But that struggle doesn’t define your future. Your thought system and how you go about handling problems is what makes your character. I am part of the solution.” -Patrick Jimmar

Thank you Rebels for Peace for giving us the strength to change the world one thought at a time.

-Julia Neuman

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