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Rebels Mascot

Here is a sneak of our Rebels Mascot🤖‼️A first look at a design produced by one of our wonderful and talented interns this summer named @itsbrandontillery , to not only be our mascot but to also be your personal guide. Your guide through the “The Visions From The Future” where you will get to see and experience all the fun, creative, impactful, and inspiring work the Interns have worked on.

From poems to raps to videos to photography to even showcasing a peace rally🤯Wait There’s more, he will be guiding you through the upcoming weeks to show every project that was produced mixed with supporting our fundraiser starting Sunday July 19th! This will be followed by raffles, giveaways, live streams and much much more‼️‼️so be on the lookout there’s a new rebel in town🤖‼️🧐

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