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The MINI-Rebels

During one of our previous Internships, we created the MINI-rebels to enlighten younger generations on the power they have within their self. To give hope and show that no matter what life you was given or what hand you were dealt with, when you realize the power that’s already inside of you, you can over come obstacles and create solutions to any problem you encounter, elevating your life from the inside out. When youth mentor younger kids something magical happens. You can see the potential for an amazing future, and small minds in size are huge in spirit:) That’s why we are hosting our 4th internship “Jet packs for youth” to help strengthen the mindsets of other young leaders so they to can experience this amazing insight and gain the ability to share with others so we can elevate ourself and change the lives of younger kids.

We believe Youth is the future, and we want to give leaders the push, that encouragement, and transformational insights that they need to put a jet pack on their flight to success, whether that’s a personal success or nonpersonal success. This experience is designed to both transform the participant and allow that young person to help transform their surroundings. Together we can all be part of creating change, from babies, to kids, to teenagers, to young adults, to parents, to the older generation. And it all start with planting a seed. We hope you join us, and watch it flower for years and generations to come💫🤝

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