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Mind F*ck Monday

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Why are Mondays the worst day of the week? We acknowledge Monday as the beginning of the end; the dreadful start of the long road ahead. Mondays mark the first day of the working week, the first day of school and the first day of responsibility. We blame this day for our sh!tty moods and our lacking ability to be productive--but is it really Monday’s fault?

Can one day of the week truly dictate your state of mind?

We, as a society, wrongfully accuse the world of nearly all of our problems. We condition our minds to believe that Mondays are always going to be miserable, thus making everything we feel and experience that day to be, well, miserable. We find ourselves stuck in this permanent reality, forcing our emotions to follow the narrative.

How can we escape this?

Change the way you think; about yourself, about the world, about Monday.

Although it sounds cliche, we need to think more about thinking. Another word for this is mindfulness, which essentially details the skill of identifying what’s going on in your head without being carried away by it.

Many, if not all of us, are carried away by the negativity that encompasses Mondays. The start of work, school, or responsibility may seem entirely undesirable, but it is merely the projection of your own thought system.

We often forget that emotions are temporary and that our minds are the only influence on our own reality. If you feel negative, ask yourself why. (But, I can promise you this, the answer is not Monday). Then, think about your issue from an alternate perspective; ask yourself how you can solve it. By opening your mind, your feelings will change, your outcome will change, and the world as you see it will change.

Our minds have more power than we give credit for. If you allow your mind to be free from a singular thought system, you will inevitably seek a more positive reality for yourself and for the world.

A reality without social challenges, without discrimination, without hate, and possibly, without Mondays.

-Julia Neuman

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