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Entering Day 8 of our HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN🎉❄️

We decided to highlight the work that we been doing with Harold Washington the grammar school based in Chicago, today we showed a dope activity which showed how we all have that spark that’s inside of us that makes us do all the unbelievable things we do, that spark inside of us that makes us make those smart decisions, that makes us Go harder when things get tough, that makes us build, create, change ect ect.....

The bulb represented our spark and the lamp cover represented our thought system, we cannot control our thoughts or how many obstacles the world throws at us but we can control how we deal with the situation....We asked the youth what things would make your spark cloudy or unable to be seen and they gave so many examples and ideas and once the lamp cover was filled we asked do you see your spark?? they said the most amazing answer which was “not really it’s dimmed but it’s still there we just need to remove the negative so our spark can be at its fullest‼️🎉

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